Farski Square in the Market Square in Lędziny

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We visited the Farski Square and the Śląskie Niebo restaurant on the market square in Lędziny after Magda Gessler's revolutions

Where is

Despite the fact that Lędziny is a city visited by us almost every two weeks, it was only the section of the kitchen revolution that made us realize that there is Farski Square in Lędziny.

Bell and multimedia fountain

Right in front of the restaurant, we can see the square with a multimedia fountain and a bell.
This bell was cast in bronze around 1540. For almost five centuries, he preached the Glory to God and accompanied the inhabitants of Lędziny in good and bad times. The last time he spoke was in 2003 from the bell tower of St. Anne's Church in Lędziny. The bell with a new heart has found its new place in Farski Square. It will continue to be a witness of the history of the City and its inhabitants.

Dzwon na placu Farskim w Lędzinach

Po wejściu do restauracji “Śląskie Niebo”

Immediately after entering the restaurant, we were greeted by the owner who offered us a place where we can rest. We felt to a great extent the hospitality and "care" that accompanied us from the moment we came to the end of the visit.

Silesian Heaven - Entrance

The interior of the restaurant

The interior of the restaurant is mostly violet and white, surrounded by beautiful flowers. On the walls they can see beautiful pictures reminiscent of Silesian games. The warmth that comes right after entering is warmed up by a beautifully designed (electric) fireplace, by which we had the opportunity to host.

Widok na kominek

What did we order?

We decided to order "Broth with noodles" and "Żurek Śląski with a familiar egg" as the first meal. For the second course, we chose a dish from Magda Gessler's menu, "Śląskie Niebo", ie a pork neck baked under béchamel sauce with Silesian dumplings and fried cabbage.

Silesian sour soup - the first course can be safely classified as "at home". There is nothing to attach to here.

Śląski Żurek ze swojskim jajkiem

Silesian Heaven - a well-baked neck with sweet béchamel sauce and fried cabbage and Silesian dumplings. The whole goes very well, creating a delicious dish that we will not forget for a long time.

Pork roasted under béchamel sauce with Silesian dumplings and fried cabbage

Our opinions

Plac Farski ★★★★★ – A place worth visiting. Passing through Lędziny, we had no idea that such a place existed here. We encourage you to come for a walk in summer (the fountain will be open), it is worth it for the view and rest. - Redakcja RowerowyBlog.pl

Śląskie Niebo ★★★★☆ - We had a table for two booked in advance. The owner welcomed us very warmly and suggested a place. The food was hot and delicious. Restaurant decor is first class. We are happy to visit this place again. - Redakcja RowerowyBlog.pl
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