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Are you looking for a place to rest, or maybe you want to start running? The English Park in Jaworzno will meet your expectations!

Resting place

Where is

The English Park is located in the area of ​​the former Piłsudski heap in Jaworzno, at 62 Karola Olszewskiego Street.

History of the Park


The area where our English Park was built over the past several dozen years has been industrial wasteland, which nature has developed in its own way. It was also used by the inhabitants of Jaworzno to relax. Useful caps were searched for here even earlier. In the vicinity of Jaworzno, these were silver, zinc and lead ores, iron ores and finally hard coal. The latter is still there, but how long it will last - it is difficult to say.
So, like the legendary Sukajo, who probably was looking for silver here, while walking, think about what else is hidden in the depths of the Jaworzno land so that it can be extracted and developed.

Park ten jest dopiero na początku swojej drogi do doskonałości. W przyszłości wiele się tutaj zmieni, bo takie parki zakłada się nie tylko dla obecnie żyjących, ale przyszłych pokoleń. – We can read on the board welcoming travelers.

Petanque (Boules)

There is a Boules play area in the park where we can read the full instructions.
To start playing, you need to prepare only a few metal balls and one other than the others, which will set the purpose of the others.
You can gather your friends and start competing!

Instrukcja do gry w Petanque (Boules)


In the park there is a playground for children, and for older ones, benches surrounded by roses (in summer) or roofed shelters, under which you can have a meal or relax with a birch scent.
For the more demanding, you can also use the "Open-air library", which includes books left by other readers. You can also leave behind your unnecessary books for a new life.

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