Zakopane for the weekend. Nosal 1206 m above sea level

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Two days in Zakopane, where to eat, stay overnight and how to get Nosal 1206 m above sea level Look:

Entire ascent and descent route

The road to Nosal is nice, many people complained while climbing that it is not worth going up the mountain as it is a fast trail.
However, we wanted something other than just reaching the summit ...
Beautiful views from which you can see the cable car to Kasprowy and a beautiful view of the cross in the distance - giewont.

We started the whole trip along the trail close to the waterfall, the standard cost of entering the park was PLN 7.
Steep ascent, but what emotions not only for us, but also for children who chose the nosala as the first peak of their hikes in our Polish Tatra Mountains.

While going down, we chose the trail leading directly to the forges, it is a much easier and more pleasant trail to go down.
In kuźnice, we decided to eat a warm meal in the form of a delicious highlander kwaśnica. In places with a lot of tourists the food is usually quite average, so we didn't want to order anything else.
It turned out that you can serve delicious food in a place that is constantly moving.

We are talking about the "Gościniec Kuźnice" offering also holiday apartments.

Gościniec Kuźnice ★★★★★ - The first time we had the opportunity to host dinner in the highway. We ordered the soups “Kwaśnica” and “Tomato cream with rice”. Very good soups, sour soup, as it should be, with crispy ribs. Tomato cream nothing more, nothing less. We would love to visit this place again, we hope the soups will still be so tasty - Redakcja

We came back late from the trip, warm meal?

On Sunday we came back around 20:00 from the mountain trails. We decided to eat something warm, and earlier we received information from friends that there was such a place. Before our eyes, we saw the inscription "Regionalny Bar Mleczny". Cheap, but not always good. This bar is open until 21:00, we got there around 20:30, we asked if there was a chance for a warm dinner set. We got the answer, "Yes, no problem at all," and it was true.

Regionalny Bar Mleczny S.C. ★★★★★ - We ordered soup and a roast in a set with fries. Everything was warm and tasty. For a "milk bar" we are surprised by the quality - Redakcja


It remains to mention the accommodation. We chose a place located 10 km from the center of Zakopane. A quiet and peaceful place with few tourists. The village is called Murzasichle, a rather strange history of this village. We learned from the owners that once this village was called Mur and was located behind Sichle. Everything has come together and we have an original name.

We want to introduce you to Agritourism, where the interior is practically all wooden. Room with a balcony against the backdrop of the mountains. Thanks to this, we were able to get up in the morning and admire the beautiful scenery.
We also had a friend outside - a beautiful white horse.

We invite you to Krupa Stanisława Agroturystyka - the owners of this location are very nice and helpful. A trip there will provide you with a lot of rest.

Krupa Stanisława. Agroturystyka. ★★★★★ - Revelation! Most of the rooms are made of beautiful wood. The kitchen is very large and available to every guest. We recommend a room with a balcony to the mountains. You wake up right away with a view of the beautiful Tatra Mountains. It's worth visiting this place! You will be hosted by very nice owners. Thank you - Redakcja

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