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The mountains are something completely special to me, which is why I entered Szyndzielnia from the side of the dam in Wapienice at a special time.

The Wapienice Water Dam

The plans to build a dam were created in 1911. Half a century early, the landscape values ​​of the Luisa Valley were discovered by Princess Luiza Sułkowska, who took a liking to this corner. The largest investment of nearby waterworks was completed between 1928 and 1932, as one of the most modern facilities of this type in Europe at the time.

The dam for them. Ignacego Mościcki dams up the waters of the Wapienica River and the Barbara Stream, creating the Wielka Łąka Lake. The water of the reservoir, cleanliness class I, directly under sanitary protection, is used for consumption. Hence the presence of a filter station, no fishing industry and a ban on water sports.

The area of ​​the Wapienica Valley is part of the Silesian Beskid Landscape Park, there are two nature reserves - Stok Szyndzielni and Jaworzyna. At this point, the idea of ​​combining nature protection with ecological education was introduced, creating the first ecological park in Poland.

Interesting facts:
– Długość tamy: 309 m
– Wysokość tamy: 23 m
– Powierzchnia lustra wody: 24 ha
– Objętość: 1,3 mln m3 wody
– Powierzchnia ziemi: 10,76 km2

The direction of Szyndzielnia

There is a convenient way from the parking lot to the dam itself. The crossing itself then takes about 30 minutes.
Then follow the yellow trail, which informs you about entering Szyndzielnia, which may take 1.5 hours.
Following this trail, we can admire the amazing natural conditions and smell the forest. The path is made for beginners who will have no problems with climbing. However, one must remember, because especially the beginning is definitely uphill.
After an hour, we come across a branching of the bicycle path and we see the following information: from this moment we have 30 minutes to our destination and the trail changes to red. This is where we go to the end.
During this period, we can expect snow at the top, and sometimes a frozen road surface.

Special occasion

As we mentioned earlier, our trip has a special purpose.
Today our editor Monika celebrates her birthday.
On this occasion, we would like to extend our best wishes to you, Monika:
On Monika's birthday, we would like to express our sincere and heartfelt wishes for long years of life filled with health and happiness, cheerfulness, prosperity and human kindness, days full of sunshine and joy, and all that is the most beautiful and pleasant in life.

Expedition statistics:

Czas trwania: 02:58:18
Dystans: 10,10 km
Śr. Tętno: 128 ud./min
Śr. Prędkość: 17.39 km
Kalorie: 577 kcal

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